10 March 2007


I just heard that the old guy we called 'Daye' he used to mind the main door of our building and collect the mail and stuff is seriously ill. Well, I assume it's serious, because so far as I can work out he's got an embolism on his brain. I say as far as I can work out, because I couldn't find 脑血栓 in the dictionary.

It's sad because he's a good bloke and he treated us really well. And we treated him every now and then- a bottle of Jinliufu for Christmas and another for Spring Festival. We also occasionally gave him some home made jiaozi or paigu or other stuff like that. We got on alright. Last time we had a barbeque with the students out in the yard, after the students had been shipped upstairs to watch a movie I sat with him in the yard and we sipped cheap baijiu and chatted. He's a nice guy.

And he was on duty pretty much permanently. Honestly, he seemed to live in his little room by the door. He'd be there late at night, on the weekends, all the time. And he was only paid 300 kuai per month. But he never seemed to complain, he always looked contented with his lot.

And now apparently he won't be coming back here.

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