5 March 2007

weather again

Winter really has returned with a vengeance. I haven't seen the crusty old bitch for a while now, but she's back and she is digging her sharp, icy talons into any nook or cranny she can find. Alright, so that last sentence is just a little bit overwrought, let's just say that when I went out to pick up lzh from the gate it was fucking freezing. And we had to pop round to the Chaoshifa supermarket to pick up some things we can't get more locally, which just added to the pain. But I have a decent breakfast for tomorrow, and that's important in this kind of weather, and I have reasonably good beer (Blue Ribbon "Stout"- not really deserving of the title Stout, but good enough for now) and I'm safely home. Apparently it'll drop to -9 tonight, up to 3 tomorrow, but it'll get better over the next few days. But of course, the wind is still blowing, so who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Still, it seems like we got off lightly when you look at the beating Dalian and Yantai took.

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