4 March 2007


So as it seems Livejournal is being blocked I'm going to make this my new main blog. I'll still keep my lj going through proxies, but I don't like using proxies and I'd rather my blog were openly available to everyone. I'll keep the same old back-up over at over-blog, 'cos I don't believe any of these services are safe from Nanny's twisted mind.

So I deleted all the bullshit that I'd posted here over the last couple of months of experimentation. Please don't go looking for it. Now I'll restart this thing.

The title? Bezdomny. Pretty cool, huh? Well, no, it's taken straight from the novel The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov. Bezdomny was a poet. But it's been so long since I read that novel that I can't remember what he actually does, other than sit around being a poet. Anyway, I always liked that name and I always felt kind of bezdomny in some odd way, so I decided to use it. Oh, it means 'homeless', just in case you were wondering.

So, on to the blogging.

The weather this year is bizarre. A warm, dry winter, and now.... A day of rain yesterday and it's a good job we didn't go to the village for lantern festival as originally planned, because the rain turned to snow sometime last night and it settled thickly and heavily (by Beijing standards) and it's still falling. This is good, we need all the moisture we can get. And I hope this wet weather continues. If nothing else it might help cut the risk of sandstorms. If we're lucky it might even help relieve Beijing's almost permanent drought.


John said...

Whoa, LJ blocked?? Totally uncalled for. Ironic that your new BSP of choice is one that was formerly blocked for so long...

Uncle Angel said...

I checked LJ using a DNS look-up program I have, but it was still managing to get through even if I couldn't. I wonder what's offended the mad old bat this time and whether this is going to last or it's merely a case of temporary insanity.

I'd been wondering whether you were blocked from LJ as well, or it was just me. Peking Duck remains unavailable down here. I keep getting a 403 error message when I try it.

bezdomny said...

John, I don't know how blocked it is, but it's been behaving that way this weekend, as in I can't get there directly but a proxy works suspiciously easily.

Uncle Angel, I have no idea about the technical stuff, it's just behaving suspiciously. Oddly, though, Peking Duck is available up here, so I guess that's a local problem for you.