9 March 2007


If ever I needed proof that Tianjin buggered up my digestive system, the last couple of days should've made things abundantly clear. Bloody hell. One tiny little chilli pepper, the slightest drop of chilli oil, and my gut starts screaming in protest. This is most irritating. I've always loved spicy food and I've always had a very high chilli tolerance, but these days the results are too painful to justify the pleasure.

And if I needed more evidence that the local liquor suppliers are maybe selling fake baijiu..... Well, last night and this morning would seem to suggest that I can't trust the wee supermarket inside the local market either. A Bao, my trusty local beer seller, has sold me some odd-tasting Jinliufu. And then last nights Mengguwang, bought in the wee supermarket, decided to hit me a hell of a lot harder than ever before. I didn't have too much either, I know how much baijiu I can handle, and I was well within the limit. And I still felt pretty shitty this morning. Feeling better now. Sometimes going back to bed and sleeping another hour or so works wonders. Ate a cucumber because lzh insists cucumber is good at 'jiedu' (not sure which jie, and I'm feeling too lazy to look it up right now, but she often prescribes cucumber for stomach upsets). And what really pisses me off is the complete waste of last night's hotpot. Honestly, half of what came out hadn't even started being digested yet.

Anyway, feeling a bit better now. Still, I've got a three-hour lesson to look forward to this afternoon. Hopefully the students are a little more willing to talk than they were last time. Still, this is the better half, so I'm sure it won't be too painful.

Update: And an email home in which I described my symptoms prompted a worried phone call from my mother. I know, mothers are legally obliged to worry insanely about any little thing affecting their offspring, but sometimes...... And as usual, Dad was totally calm and relaxed. Parents.

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