11 March 2007

A survey that shouldn't have been needed

Apparently 58.9% of Chinese people think that what China lacks most in 2007 is a sense of social fairness and justice.

Well, first I should note that it's an online survey, so should be taken with a hefty grain of salt, but even so, it still seems like one of those 'No shit Sherlock!' surveys.

The rest of the results, as reported in this article:

"A further 22.5 percent voted for "improvement of laws," 9.3 percent for "good education," 5.3 percent for "a strong army," 2.3 percent for "others," and only 1.8 percent selected "a safe and stable domestic and world environment.""

It's interesting to note that, despite the notoriety enjoyed by the fenqing, only 5.3% voted for a strong army. Where are all those hordes of angry young men just itching to nuke Japan? It's also interesting to note that while 5.3% voted for a strong army, only 1.8% chose a safe and stable domestic and world environment. I don't know whether to feel relieved or alarmed.

The second question of the survey was "What do Chinese need the most today?"

The results:

"A hefty 50.8 percent of respondents voted for "moral sense, uprightness and courage," 34.5 percent for "humanity and culture," 6.9 percent for "interpersonal attention and interaction," 6 percent for “nationalist passion," and 1.9 percent picked "others.""

Again, where are the fenqing? Only 6% voted for nationalist passion?

Well, sure, it's an online survey and about as reliable as any other online survey, but it would seem to suggest that the overwhelming majority of Chinese are looking for a fair go, a just and stable society, and courteous, trustworthy people. Who'd a thunk it? Sounds like everybody else in the world.

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