15 March 2007

New Zealand New Thinking

So it turns out the diplomats weren't quite so useless after all. They were just taking an unusually long time to figure out the schedule for the performances for this exhibition. I sent off an email asking if the embassy was planning on informing us expat Kiwis about this "New Zealand New Thinking" exhibition, and the reply was, yes, but we were going to wait until we knew the schedule of the performances. Ok. Whatever. Anyway, I got the official email announcing the exhibition and its schedule, which I'm going to past below:
No forget it, the email isn't cooperating with blogger. Go check it out here. You might be able to find more information here. Anyway, it looks like it should be interesting, I think the performances will probably be pretty cool, check the schedule and if you're in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan or Guangzhou at the right time, you should definitely go check it out.

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