21 March 2007


So if you're in the mainland and reading this, I guess you're on a proxy. I don't know what's going on, I can log in and blog just fine, but it seems anything.blogspot.com is blocked. Buggered if I know how that works. Anyway, I'm still here, and hopefully my backup blog and Chinese study blog are still open and unblocked. Because I hate proxies and I'd rather my blog be openly available on the mainland (it's not like I'm a trouble-maker, after all, I only blog about the nothing that is my life, nothing to give the censors a heart attack) I might switch my main blogging over to what was my backup, but because I can still easily log in proxy-free here, I sure as shit won't be disappearing the way I did from my now semi-active live journal.

In the process of checking right now. Over-blog is working fine, so you can easily find me there. Canalblog isn't responding. Shit, I hope that isn't blocked now, too. Huh, suspiciously opens easily with a proxy. Fuck. Canalblog offered the better service of all my blog accounts, and now it seems to be blocked as well. This leaves me with four blog accounts, two definitely behind the firewall, this one which I can use but can't see, and only over-blog which is totally open. This is really fucking insane.

And now I'm told Green Bamboo has become Xin Phoenix. Here's what I don't understand, both are on spaces.live.com, but Green Bamboo is blocked, while Xin Phoenix is open.

Well, I'm going to keep everything going, by proxy or not, for the time being and see how things work out. I'm also going to explore other options for hosting blogs. Spent a bit of time on that last night. Came across one site apparently offering free website hosting. Came across a BSP for Kiwis only- clicked register and it said, you're in China, you're not allowed. Oh, but if you're a Kiwi in China, you can email us and we might help you set up a blog here. So there's two options.

So I don't really know what's going on right now or how long all this stupid blocking bullshit is going to last. I'm just going to see how it goes.


Kevin S. said...

I think because the backend to Blogspot goes through the blogger.com that's why you can keep writing, even though you can't see your blog except via proxy. For example, I had to use a proxy to see your blog and read this post, but I'm actually writing this comment over a direct connection (cut and pasted the comment URL from Tor-enabled Firefox to direct-connecting Safari ), because comments go through blogger.com, not blogspot.com.

Chris said...

Hang in there. No way to know how long this will last this time. They blocked BlogSpot in November (and Blogger Beta) but it came back in a few weeks. Then again, I think it was blocked for a year before that, so who knows. I'm getting out of free hosting anyway. Time to stop jumping around.

Suman said...

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bezdomny said...

Thanks for the tip, Suman. I'm using pkblog at the moment to get to blogspot sites. I'll check these other ones out too.