12 March 2007


Would you believe I haven't touched even a drop of alcohol since Thursday? No? Well, it's true.

After Thursday's rather scary encounter with what I suspect is fake baijiu, and Friday's continued discomfort, well....

I rather rashly agreed to go out to dinner with a mate on Friday night, but as it turns out, even though I felt perfectly fine on Friday afternoon, I was still in too much of a hurry. I'd already agreed with lzh that I wouldn't drink any alcohol or eat any meat or spicy food for the weekend. I stuck to that (well, fudged a little on the meat, but there was no way around that). So we went to the restaurant, I ate some bland, mostly veg stuff, but I only managed a little then I felt decidedly unwell again. I think, though, that part of it was the atmosphere. Anyway, we came home early, I grabbed a pen and a couple of newspapers and lay in bed doing crosswords. Then I grabbed a book and lay in bed reading. And about half an hour after we got back from the restaurant I was feeling fine again.

Friday night, though, despite feeling really tired, I got hardly any sleep. Too tired to sleep, I guess.

Anyway, woke up bright and early on Saturday morning, having slept fitfully at best. Felt pretty shitty, as you do when you've slept badly. I got through breakfast slowly, but without any drama from my stomach. Then by lunchtime I was starving. Then after lunch I had massive cravings for sugar. Then at dinner time I was starving again. Then Sunday morning I was starving and ate a huge breakfast. Then more sugar cravings, then a huge lunch, more sugar cravings, then a huge dinner.

I don't know what happened. I don't know if it's some weird side effect of whatever was ailing me last week or whether it's the lack of alcohol or what, but my apetite came back with a vengeance. A big, huge, mean-looking vengeance swinging nunchakus. And this continues today. lzh had to stock up on chocolate when she went to the supermarket yesterday because I was about to start chewing on the furniture.

And the other weird thing about this experience: You would've thought, judging by how much I can (and often do) drink that I'd be a raging alcoholic and more than 10 minutes without beer would have me writhing on the ground in full-blown withdrawal. But no. No alcohol cravings at all. Sugar cravings, yes, alcohol, none at all. There's a bottle of beer that's been sitting there left over from Thursday night, and I did think of perhaps opening it, but there was no craving for it. Just 'oh, there's a beer, well maybe.... no, no alcohol this weekend'. It's still there, and I might perhaps open it tonight, but maybe not. This is weird. Really weird.

A Bao, my usual beer supplier, probably thinks I'm seriously ill, or something.

Anyway, it's good to know that even though I have a whole bunch of bad habits I can't get rid of and good habits I can't get into, this one bad habit I can drop any time I like.

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